Privacy Policy


Your privacy is our top priority. Therefore, we do not collect any information from anyone who visits this website, nor will we provide your information to any third party as we do not hold any log, metadata or any kind of information from our visitors. This website does not have any cookies, analytics tools and trackers. The major part of the website, the landing page and privacy policy, is coded with multiple advanced languages to serve a better user experience and uses the Astro framework to provide a better faster user experience, while maintain pure HTML/CSS to client side. The only JavaScript we use for the website it to provide a dark/bright mode choice for your preference, which will be stored in your local storage.

We use open-source headless CMS with Astro to build our Articles pages and do not have any server-side function to reduce potential vulnerability. In addition, we only have two social media functions, Twitter and RSS. We will not ask you to like or subscribe to our service, so we will not collect your email address or fingerprint from you. On top of that, we do not have any affiliate partnerships. In short, we will never provide or sell any information to any third party since we do not have it.


Should you choose to reach us to use our service, we strongly recommend you to have a secure encrypted Protonmail account to ensure E2EE protection for the communications process. We will not provide the obtained or stored contact and email address to any third party and will not ask for your personal identity. However, should we find malicious activities during the email communication, we will discontinue the communication.

For the products or reports we provide based on your requirements, we adopt the best standards to protect and secure the integrity of the products and reports. We welcome you to provide your public PGP and encrypt the products/reports and will only use the mutually agreed E2EE channel to deliver to you. Our server is completely air-gap and follows the best practice to our knowledge, and we encourage you to use XMR for the payment.

Extra note:

We welcome anyone to examine the code of our website, and please inform us. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy but would only make it more strict to ensure your privacy will be in the safest hand.