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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a valuable tool used by corporate entities and organizations to gather information about their targets and partners. The process involves collecting information from openly available sources online through data mining, various crawling techniques, data extraction, data washing, analysis, breached data and our unique network which enable us to access non-public database in China.

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About us

Our open-source intelligence service is exclusively focused on China, and we provide actionable insights to help you make better decisions. Our team of analysts and researchers has years of experience in China's economy, military and political landscape. We've built our business around helping other organisations understand how to identify their targets and potential partners in China, as well as what Chinese policy changes might mean for them.

Osint on China provides intelligence reports, data analysis, and custom research to a variety of clients ranging from corporate entities to intelligence establishments. Our team has decades of combined experience in open-source intelligence and is ready to help you locate and identify the information you need in the timely manner.

Our team have been collecting data for years, and we have developed proprietary tools to automate our process so that we can deliver information quickly and accurately with end results guarantee — without sacrificing quality or detail. We've spent years studying China and building our network in China, and we've created a model for gathering and analyzing the data you need to succeed there.

Whether you're looking for information on targets and partners in China, domestic, market and policy trends, or specific individual behavior, we at Osint on China can help you find what you need accurately and easily.


We offer access to a wealth of information that can help you make better decisions about your organisation or projects at competitive prices.

OSINT has been used in a variety of applications, including military intelligence and law enforcement investigations. We can help you analyze the data you find to identify new opportunities for growth or innovation, avoid costly errors, or improve security posture by keeping an eye on potential threats.


OSINT can help you identify and gather information on individuals, organizations, and other entities. It can be used in conjunction with intelligence-gathering techniques to provide valuable insight into the activities of individuals or organizations.


We know that the best way to locate your targeted information is through a careful combination of online research, professional networking, and personal connections. Whether it is a requst for real-time or history information, we can do it and we are the firewall between you and your target and the Chinese survillience systems


OSINT enables us to quickly identify new opportunities and threats, giving you an edge over you and your organisation's mission. This allows us to take action and make informed decisions that can improve your tatics and strategy.

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If you'd like to learn more about our OSINT services, contact us today. We’ll talk about your requirements and get back to you with a customized quote and some additional information. The emails are secured by proton email sevice and we strongly recommend you also using proton mail to contact us. Therefore, the entire communication would be End-To-End Encrypted (E2EE). Secure communications options for Session, Wire and Element are available upon request.